Terms & Conditions

Each participant rides at their own expense and risk. The road traffic regulations (STVO) must be observed. The organizer and the committee of commissaires reserve the right to make organizational changes (regulations, routing, special provisions, etc.). Any changes will be announced to the participants in good time. The instructions of the executive, track marshals or officials must be followed. At dangerous road crossings, the marshals are obliged to stop the participants without exception in dangerous situations!! Each participant accepts this invitation without reservation and automatically submits to it by participating in the stage race. The organizer rejects any liability. Only the orders of the named officials are valid. All notifications and orders that come from elsewhere are irrelevant. All documents for racing riders are handed out in the permanence/registration. The participants must independently deposit their licenses with the Permanence for the duration of the tour.

Identification is required for all non-licensed participants. There is an absolute obligation to wear a helmet! Force majeure If the event fails or is canceled due to force majeure (e.g. bad weather, pandemic, fire, flood, storm, government measures, travel restrictions) or for reasons for which the organizer is not responsible, the organizer will be released from his performance obligations and the organizer is not liable for damages incurred by the contractual partner or the participants for this reason (e.g. travel or accommodation costs). If a participant is not allowed to enter Austria for the event or has to comply with the quarantine regulations when returning to his home country, the organizer is released from his performance obligations and is not liable for damages that the contractual partner or the participants incur for this reason (e.g. travel or accommodation costs). A reimbursement of participation fees is excluded in the cases described above. Participants are eligible to participate in the rescheduled event.

Cancellation by participants

If for any reason a rider is no longer able to compete in the 2023 event, the rider has the following options:

  1. Transfer your participation fee to the 2024 event (no fee)
  2. Transferring your participation fee to another person (free of charge)
  3. If you cancel the registration, you will receive a refund minus a cancellation fee according to the conditions below.

Cancellation refund amounts:
Before 1st September 2023 – minus 25% (cancellation fee included)
After 1st September 2023 no refund is possible, only transfer to 2024.

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